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Mexico receives US$45 million in financing to support results-based budgeting

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved a US$45 million loan to improve the quality of public expenditures through the implementation and consolidation of a new results-based budgeting system.


The IDB has been supporting Mexico in the area of results-based budgeting since 2005, with several events and two technical-cooperation projects. These were financed using resources from the program to implement the medium-term action plan for development effectiveness.


The Program will strengthen the Mexican Public Budget by implementing new systems, instruments and methodologies to reinforce the use of performance information on the decision making processes of allocation of public resources. In addition the program will support an extensive training activity to promote a change toward a result-based culture in the public sector.


The program will focus in four components: results-based budgeting; external evaluations; public investment system and extension of the results-based budgeting system to subnational entities.


The estimated disbursement period is 54 months and the local counterpart will contribute with US$10,365,000.

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