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Mexico, IDB sign agreement to cooperate on regional project on distance training for Latin American teachers

Mexico Education Secretary Reyes Tamez Guerra and Inter-American Development Bank President Enrique V. Iglesias today signed an agreement under which Mexico and the IDB will cooperate on a regional project for distance training for Latin American teachers.

The project, which will be supported by a $250,000 IDB grant and a similar in-kind contribution from the Mexican government, will produce a series of master lessons for secondary teaching in language, literature, natural sciences and mathematics.

The master lessons, which will be scripted and filmed to build a video library for teachers across Latin America, will be complemented with videos on scientific experiments or literary works performed by professional actors.

The IDB will coordinate the project, providing international technical assistance and support for training in secondary education. The Mexican government, in cooperation with the Instituto Latinoamericano de la Comunicación Educativa, will be responsible for filming the lessons and mobilizing the human and technical resources needed to produce the videos.

These modular lessons, which will support the distance training of teachers in Mexico as well as in other countries, will be broadcast using Mexico’s EDUSAT satellite, which covers the entire region.

This regional project is expected to improve the quality of Latin American secondary education, which has undergone a massive expansion in enrollment in recent years, requiring better materials to educate new generations of students.

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