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International Call for Proposals: Citizen Security Impact Evaluation Studies

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has launched a call for proposals to evaluate the impact of key citizen security projects, in the context of the Regional Public Goods (RPG) "Regional Evaluation System of the Impact of Public Policies in Security for Latin America initiative.

Crime and violence have become a major challenge in Latin America and the Caribbean, which has 8 percent of the world's population but registers 20 percent of all homicides. Citizen security is a priority for the development agenda of many countries. 

The security policies to be evaluated are:

  • MobileCare Centers for Drug Users (Bogotá, Colombia)
  • STAD Tactical System of Criminal Analysis (Chile)
  • Community Alarm System (Córdoba, Argentina)
  • Houses of Justice Program (Costa Rica)
  • Penitentiary Farms (El Salvador)
  • Safer Cities Program (Honduras)
  • Program for Integrated Local Management of Security (Uruguay)

Proposals must be submitted by June 6, 2013 by email. For more information visit the international call website.

The winners will be selected by a Committee of Advisory Excellence formed by four recognized academics: Claudio Beato, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Brazil; Sebastián Galiani, University of Maryland in the United States; Lawrence Sherman, University of Cambridge in England; and David Weiburd, George Mason University in the United States.  


Organizations winning the present bid will set the design of the impact evaluation working jointly with the authorities and the government technical teams of each country or city. 

The total budget destined to the seven organizations that are awarded the present contract is $70,000 each, which shall be the only contribution by the Bank for all activities to be carried out by the organization. 

To allow the most efficient proposal design for the Impact Evaluation Program, in each country or city, the RPG will proceed to adjudicate to the pre-selected organization the amount of $5,000. After the Impact Evaluation Program has been accepted, it will be implemented. In case of approval, up to $65,000 will be adjudicated. 


The executing agency for the call for proposals is the Academic Pedagogical Institute of Social Sciences of the National University of Villa Maria (UNVM) in the province of Córdoba, Argentina with the technical participation of the Center for Studies on Public Safety (CESC) of the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Chile.

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