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IDB support to El Salvador

The IDB has been supporting El Salvador in a wide range of projects since 1961, with approvals totaling over US$4 billion. These funds have been used to cover financing requirements in infrastructure, transport, energy, education, agriculture, social protection, access to credit and basic services, among other development priorities.

One example of the IDB’s work in El Salvador was the housing program it carried out with the Office of the Deputy Minister for Housing and Urban Development and the Municipality of San Salvador, which executed two programs for an integrated improvement of settlements. These programs benefited 12,910 families (or approximately 65,000 people) in 55 settlements by providing drinking water, rainwater and wastewater drainage, road improvement, lighting and indoor toilets in the homes. The total investment was US$35 million.

Over the last three years, the IDB has helped El Salvador weather the economic slowdown caused by the international financial crisis. The IDB doubled its efforts to support the country, approving transactions totaling more than US$1.125 billion from 2008 to 2010.

The Portfolio

The IDB’s active portfolio in El Salvador consists of US$555 million in loans approved for the public sector and US$28.5 million in technical cooperation, of which 33 percent is for the public sector and 66 percent for the private sector and civil society.

Currently, the IDB works with projects such as the Urban Solidarity Communities, which supports El Salvador’s efforts to combat poverty, marginality, delayed development and social exclusion sustained by populations in precarious settlements. The IDB also helps finance the Integrated Health Program,which seeks to strengthen primary healthcare and contributes to implementing a comprehensive, integrated healthcare model.

Another outstanding initiative is the program Rural Roads for Developmen t, which supports the resurfacing and improvement of the network of tertiary gravel roads in rural areas, as well as developing sustainable mechanisms for road maintenance in a joint effort with the local communities and government. Ciudad Mujer is also another important initiative supported by IDB in El Salvador. This project seeks to improve the living conditions of Salvadoran women through an integrated focus and the promotion of women’s rights.

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