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IDB Receives Región Exporta 2009 Award for Support of Regional Exports Development

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) yesterday received a major award from the government of Peru for its support of regional exports.


Región Exporta 2009, awarded to the Bank, recognizes the IDB’s support for Peru through a variety of programs that promote trade agreements and diversification of Peruvian exports.

Though its Integration and Trade Sector, the IDB has supported programs in Peru that improve and expand foreign trade information systems, promote exports and provide training in management and formulation of regional trade programs. The Bank also assists SMEs in doing business in US markets by working with Peru’s Exporters Association (ADEX) to help them comply with technical trade requirements.

The award was given during Perú Regiones 2009 – International Regional Investment Forum. The event recognized the work of regional governments, international cooperation institutions and companies that have helped develop exports in regions throughout Peru.

Peru’s minister of foreign trade and tourism, Martín Pérez, emphasized the importance of the joint effort made by regional governments, the private sector and international cooperation institutions, enabling Peru to show the world its willingness and capacity for exporting its products.

Pérez also emphasized the importance of trade agreements as a fundamental tool and highlighted the need to support SMEs in taking advantage of these accords, given that SMEs comprise 80 percent of Peru’s labor force. At the same time, he called for strengthening of support programs for SMEs that export their products.

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