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The IDB presents the art exhibition RESILIENCE: Reclaiming History and the Dominican Diaspora

15 artists with Dominican origin established in the US will share their interpretation of the social and cultural vision of the diaspora.

The Inter-American Development Bank, sponsored by the Smithsonian Latino Center and the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Washington, presents Resilience as an example of how art and creativity can provide an important social benefit by working to redefine our collective narratives.

The exhibition is an example of how art and creativity provide important social value by giving expression to sentiments that help shape our collective narratives. In this exhibition, 15 artists from the international Dominican diaspora, lead by Dominican artist Moses Ros-Suárez, Co-curator of the exhibit, take a deep look into their shared past, constructing new interpretations of the Trujillo regime and on the resulting emigration of many Dominican-Americans. In their works, these artists transform trauma into new narratives of adaptability, tolerance, and fortitude.

Today, the Dominican Republic is one of the most dynamic economies in the region. In the last decade, its GDP grew well above the average for the region for Latin American and the Caribbean. Nevertheless, the advances in reducing poverty and inequality have not kept pace. Looking toward the future, the country therefore needs to address several areas including: improving the quality of education, healthcare infrastructure and services, diversifying its exports, and boosting productivity - while also adapting to climate change and promoting innovation. As a partner in its economic and social development, the IDB is committed to work with the government, NGOs, and private sector partners to achievethese goals. We also believe the Dominican diaspora can play an important role in this development. The capacity and creativity of thousands of Dominicans living abroad is a resource that the country can tap into. This exhibit is one example of the contributions the diaspora is making to position the Dominican Republicfor a brighter future.

Artist List: Pepe Coronado, René de los Santos, Iliana Emilia García, Reynaldo García Pantaleón, Luanda Lozano, Miguel Luciano, Germán Perez, Ella Pérez-Garcia, Narciso Polanco, Freddy Rodríguez, Moses Ros-Suárez, Juan Sánchez, Fernando Tamburini, Ezequiel Taveras, Rider Ureña

What: Exhibition RESILIENCE: Reclaiming History and the Dominican Diaspora

This event was possible thanks to the generous support of Smithsonian Latino Center and the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Washington, DC.

When: October 27, 2016 - January 27, 2017

Where: Inter-American Development Bank, 1300 New York Av NW, Washington DC, 20577

Press contact: Fadrique Iglesias

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