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IDB lends Bolivia $185.5 million to upgrade its primary road network

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a $185.5 million loan for Bolivia to improve its primary road network. The resources will help finance the pavement of 32.7 kilometers of roads and the rehabilitation of another 278 kilometers.

Bolivia’s road density is one of the lowest in Latin America, at 0.07 km/km2 compared to the average in the region of 0.18, and for the Andean countries, 0.12. Of its 81,000 km road network, only 7.34 percent of the road network is paved, well below the averages for the region (39 percent) and the Andean countries (27 percent).

The new program’s goals are to continue improving the quality, accessibility and safety conditions of the 15,987 km primary road network, providing rural population’s and goods producers access to domestic and international markets.

The financing consists of a $148.4 million, 30-year loan from the IDB’s Ordinary Capital, with a 6-year grace period and a fixed interest rate, plus a $37.1 million, 40-year loan from the IDB’s Fund for Special Operations, with a 40-year grace period and an annual interest rate of 0.25 percent.

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