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IDB launches call for proposals to promote regional public goods September 15 to November 15

The Inter-American Development Bank today launched a call for proposals for collective action by countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that offer solutions to common problems or take advantage of shared opportunities.

The call for proposals is issued under the Regional Public Goods Initiative, created by the IDB Board of Executive Directors. The Bank will provide up to $10 million annually to help finance the selected proposals.

A regional public good is any good, product, service, regulatory system or policy regime that generates shared benefits for participating countries as a result of concerted action.

The Initiative is a response to challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean that can be dealt with more effectively in a regional context. Examples of regional public goods include cooperation in connection with the opening of markets, the cross-border contagion of financial crisis and of diseases, and the preservation of shared ecosystems.

The IDB is in a privileged position to contribute to the creation of the conditions that allow for the emergence of regional public goods due to its vast experience of more than forty years in financing regional cooperation activities.

The IDB will receive proposals in English or Spanish between Sept. 15 and Nov. 15, 2004 by electronic mail to or by regular mail to: 1300 New York Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20577, USA, Stop W-0610, Attention Initiative for the Promotion of Regional Public Goods.

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