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IDB Helps Brazil Modernize Waste Management with 3-D Maps and Interactive Data
  • Tool lays groundwork for advances in waste management, recycling and energy generation 

BRASILIA - The Inter-American Development Bank has partnered with Brazil to launch the new Solid Waste Management Plus National Information System (SINIR+) tool, which provides government agencies, investors, and citizens with 3-D maps, interactive panels and granular data on waste management. 

The Ministry of Environment rolled out the tool to partner with the private sector to drive sustainability by supplying it with information such as locations with potential for investment in waste collection or recycling services. 

"The IDB pleased to be able to support this agenda in partnership with the Ministry of Environment. SINIR+ is concrete proof of how information and technology enable progress on priority issues like sustainability," said Morgan Doyle, IDB Group representative in Brazil. “The tool is innovative in Brazil and in even Latin America. It shows where the public sector can most improve its services and identifies investment opportunities for the private sector. This sets the stage to expand recycling, clean energy generation and proper disposal of waste”.

The initiative demonstrates digitalization’s potential to drive an economic recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean, as expressed in Vision 2025, the IDB’s agenda for supporting the region. For example, the 3-D map allows users to navigate to anywhere in the country and get a clear picture of the sorting, recycling, treatment and final disposal units, along with other aspects of waste management in that location. It also lists public consortia and details the entire waste management flow. Knowledge of these structures is key to implementing the National Solid Waste Policy and bolstering the new Legal Framework for Sanitation. 

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Bruno Aragaki

Bruno Aragaki
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