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IDB, Britain, sign 2 million agreement to assist 10 nations: Central American Isthmus, the Caribbean, and Mexico

LONDON -- Inter-American Development Bank President Enrique V. Iglesias and Clare Short, Britain's Secretary of State for International Development, today signed documents establishing a fund of 2 million pounds sterling to help institutions build executive and developmental capacity in 10 countries that include the Central American Isthmus, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

The resources from the grant from the United Kingdom, to be administered by the IDB, will also be used to strengthen innovative and participatory partnerships to benefit the poorest sectors of the population.

Among the eligible activities for financing will be training packages for local partners that include project design and appraisal, project cycle management, economic and financial management and audit, participatory techniques, stakeholder analysis, poverty targeting, negotiation skills, conflict management, gender analysis, communications, monitoring and evaluation and social auditing.

Nongovernment organizations and community groups as well as government institutions at the local level will be eligible for the financial assistance.

In addition to Mexico, countries eligible for the resources are Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Haiti and Dominican Republic.

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