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IDB aproves $950,000 grant to Haiti for strengthening of public resources management

The Inter-American Development Bank today announced the approval of a $950,000 grant to Haiti to support a program to boost the Haitian government’s efficiency and effectiveness in the management of public policy, particularly in the area of public finances.

The program, which will be carried out by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, also places emphasis on improving transparency in the management of public resources in key public entities.

The grant from the IDB’s Fund for Special Operations will assist Haiti’s efforts to strengthen the Ministry of Economy and Finance through activities to improve governance in public sector management. Assistance will also be provided to strengthen the capacity of key government agencies to manage public resources.

Among the areas that the program will address are analysis, formulation and implementation of effective economic policies, improving the capacity to prepare the national budget, treasury information analysis, debt and aid management, and accounting.

The program seeks to ensure better management of public resources as well as to begin building capacity within Haitian institutions to manage effectively the eventual resumption of external assistance from donor agencies and other international cooperation institutions, including the IDB.

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