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IDB approves loans to strengthen Suriname’s electricity sector

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved two loans totaling $40 million to support Suriname’s power sector

The first loan totaling $30 million will support the country’s plans to improve the quality and reliability of the local electricity service, bring 24-hour access to electricity to some locations in the Hinterland, and reduce the use of fossil fuels. It will upgrade critical infrastructure and information systems of Energiebedrijven Suriname's (EBS) power operator, as well as finance works to expand the electricity grid and renewable energy production.

The second loan totaling $10 million aims to increase the efficiency, transparency, sustainability, and accountability of the power sector. The program addresses the need to strengthen the electricity sector as a key step for the country to transition to a more Sustainable Energy Framework in economic, financial, and environmental terms. 

The loans were approved under the Flexible Financing Facility of the IDB. The first IDB loan for $30 million is for a 20-year term, with a 7.5-year grace period. The second loan for $10 million is also for a 20-year term, with a 5.5-year grace period. The interest rate for both loans is based on LIBOR.

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