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IDB approves loans for $157.2 million to support urban transportation programs in municipalities of the states of São Paulo and Ceará, Brazil

The Inter-American Development Bank today announced the approval of two loans for a total of $157.2 million for urban transportation programs in two municipalities in Brazil, São Bernardo do Campo in the state of São Paulo and Fortaleza in the northeastern state of Ceara.

São Bernardo do Campo

A $72 million IDB loan will finance improvements in the urban transportation system, giving priority to public transportation and pedestrian traffic and focusing on road safety and urban integration. These measures will allow better mobility for municipal residents.

The program will reduce transportation costs and travel time, lower the risk of traffic accidents and improve access for pedestrians, cyclists and persons with disabilities.

It will also improve road connectivity and urban integration to the different areas of the municipality, with better service coverage by the bus rapid transit system. By alleviating traffic congestion, the program will help mitigate the environmental impact of urban transit, particularly air quality.


An $85.2 million loan will help increase the quality of life of the metropolitan population by improving urban public transportation. The program will prioritize public transportation, reducing its cost and time of travel and it will improve safety conditions for motorized, nonmotorized and pedestrian traffic. It will also reduce noise and air contamination levels.

Other benefits will be optimization of itineraries, easier access to terminals and vehicles, greater comfort and a lower risk of accidents. This program will be coordinated and the system will be integrated with the future Fortaleza urban rail system (metro).

Both loans are for 20-year terms, with six and five year grace periods respectively, at variable interest rates.


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