The IDB Approves Aid for Honduras in Response to Hurricane Julia

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a $20 million emergency program for Honduras to help mend the destruction from Hurricane Julia, which caused widespread flooding in the country in October 2022.

The program’s goal is to rebuild part of the road, social, and flood protection infrastructure that was damaged by this weather event. The storm affected nearly 200 municipalities throughout the country and killed four people. It destroyed houses, bridges, and highways and dealt a major blow to the economy’s productive sectors.

This program, which is approved by the IDB’s Executive Board of Directors, aims to help those affected by the floods resume their normal social and economic activities and allow them to regain access to basic public services.

The resources will fund activities that benefit families and the economy in areas impacted by the flood, like repairing around 100 sections of main national highways, secondary roads, and local roads, as well as approximately 30 bridges, box culvert bridges, and fords. The program will also overhaul flood control works (levees and canals) damaged by the storm and social services like schools and drinking water systems. The program will directly benefit an estimated 1.23 million people.

About the IDB

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