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IDB Approves $36 Million to Improve Healthcare in Sergipe, Brazil
  • The loan will make possible the acquisition of equipment for a cancer hospital and a maternity hospital in the State.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved this month $36 million loan to improve the quality of health services for the population of Sergipe, Brazil. The project will also modernize healthcare management and expand access to health services.

The project will support the purchase of materials for the oncology hospital that is being built and the construction of a maternity hospital for high-risk pregnancies. It will also finance renovations to the children's hospital, the Central Public Health Laboratory, the building for the Diagnostic Imaging Care Center (CADI), and the school of public health. In addition, it includes the acquisition of ambulances for the network and purchasing equipment for these health centers and three other maternity hospitals in Sergipe.

All new works and expansions financed with IDB resources will incorporate energy efficiency measures, water savings, and low-emission construction materials.

The operation also provides for the digital transformation of health services. Among other things, the project will finance the acquisition of computer equipment and software; the acquisition of an interoperable Electronic Health Record System; the purchase of a hospital management system and an outpatient services management system, and the development of a web portal for patients, professionals, and managers.

The initiative will benefit the 2.3 million residents of Sergipe state, especially the 84% who depend exclusively on the public health system, which covers 100% of the most vulnerable groups.

The IDB loan of $36 million has a disbursement term of 5 years, a grace period of 6 years, and an interest rate based on the SOFR.

About the IDB
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