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IDB approves $12 million to support judicial reform and modernization in Nicaragua

The Inter-American Development Bank today announced the approval of a $12 million soft loan to Nicaragua to support the process of judicial reform and modernization.

The resources will be used to promote greater access to the judicial system by vulnerable groups in society, adapt new and more modern procedures and technologies, and strengthen the development of personnel.

A central judicial complex will be built in Managua with 32 courtrooms that will improve judicial services under a new model of organization and management.

As a pilot project, eight Assistance, Information and Guidance Centers will be established to provide judicial services to the poor and in remote communities. The centers, to be linked to universities and community organizations, will stress mediation, education in rights and responsibilities, and peaceful resolutions of disputes.

The program will also include a pilot project to assist crime victims through aid and therapy, information and orientation, and referral to appropriate institutions.

The Supreme Court will carry out the program through its Special Commission for Modernization.*

The total cost of the program is $15 million.

The IDB loan from the Fund for Special Operations is for a 40-year term, with a 10-year grace period, at the annual interest rate of 1 percent during the grace period and 2 percent thereafter.

Local counterpart funds total $3 million.

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