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Haiti at a turning point

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No nation in the Americas faces development difficulties on the scale of Haiti’s challenges. Last year, as it was making progress on its reconstruction efforts, the country was assailed by spikes in food and fuel prices and four devastating storms. This year, due to the global economic crisis, it is likely to see a decline in investments and remittances from expatriates, a lifeline for countless Haitian households.

Despite these adversities, there is cause for optimism. On Tuesday, April 14, the Haitian government will present an economic recovery plan to a donors meeting hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, D.C., seeking to focus the international community’s support on key areas of their two-year program. One of its chief goals is to generate tens of thousands of jobs.

The IDB is ready to help Haiti at this turning point. Its large portfolio of operations reflects top Haitian priorities: rebuilding Haiti's transportation system, expanding access to basic public services, boosting agricultural output and strengthening the public sector’s finances and government agencies. This year the Bank is doubling the volume of grants for Haiti to $100 million. Next year, it expects to be able to do even more.

To find out more about the IDB’s work in Haiti, please view the links on this page.

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