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Feedback sought on new IDB Environment and Safeguards Policy

The IDB is developing its Environment and Safeguards Compliance Policy. The goal of the new policy is to help advance the Bank's mission for promoting sustainable development and reducing poverty across the Latin American and Caribbean region. The specific objectives of the policy are to maximize development benefits and environmental sustainability outcomes in Bank operations and activities; to manage risks to ensure that all Bank operations and activities are environmentally viable, and to improve and promote corporate environmental responsibility within the Bank.

As an integral part of the policy development process, the IDB will begin a series of public consultations on the draft policy today.

The draft policy can be found on the Bank's website at the location . The IDB would like to actively engage with anyone who wishes to accompany the process and invites the feedback from interested parties. Comments should be sent to Felipe Albertani ( ) before March 1, 2005 for consideration in the development of the final policy.

This draft of the policy is based on comments received during the consultation on the advanced policy profile between April 20 th and June 30 th , 2004. . A summary of comments, along with the Bank's response, is also available on the IDB website.

In addition to the electronic consultation, meetings on the draft policy will be held in Bank member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as outside the region. The IDB is inviting the participation of representatives of civil society, including NGOs and businesses. Governments will also be invited to participate in the consultation process. Locations and dates for these meetings are as follows:

Consultation Timetable

January 27, 2005 Brazil (Southern Cone)

January 31, 2005 Peru (Andean region)

February 2005 Caribbean (location and date to be confirmed)

February 3, 2005 Washington, D.C.

February 10, 2005 Paris, France

February 22, 2005 Panama (Mesoamerican region)

The policy directives on safeguards will be accompanied by guidelines to facilitate their effective implementation. These guidelines will form part of a Safeguards Implementation Handbook that is referenced in the policy. The handbook will also include policies and good practice, which will support the IDB and its clients in the implementation of the policy. The guidelines related to the safeguards directives of the policy will be made available for review and comments in January 2005.

These dates are tentative and may change due to unforeseen circumstances during the organization of the consultation process.

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