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Experts to debate the future of industrial policies in developing countries

A panel of officials and experts will debate the new flagship study by the Inter-American Development Bank on industrial policies in Latin America, on Oct. 9, at the headquarters of the IDB.

Anemic economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean is in need of a post-Washington-Consensus policy shot in the arm.

Unfortunately, many industrial policies have often done more harm than good. The IDB’s new book “Rethinking Productive Development: Sound Policies and Institutions for Economic Transformation ”helps countries adopt the productive development policies necessary to prosper while avoiding the mistakes of the past.

The book looks at issues such as

  • Why is the “best practices” approach to productive development policies flawed?
  • Why did Asian countries do better at industrial policies than Latin American ones?
  • Should governments help small and mid-sized firms?
  • How would successful export promotion work?

What: Washington launch of the book on industrial policies


  • Santiago Levy, vice president of sectors and knowledge, IDB
  • Pierro Ghezzi, minister of production, Peru
  • Andrés Velasco, former finance minister and presidential candidate, Chile
  • José Juan Ruiz, chief economist, IDB 

When:  Thursday, Oct. 9, 2:30 p.m.

Where:  1330 New York Ave., NW, Washington DC - Auditorio Enrique V. Iglesias - A3

The event is open to the public. Prior registration is required here. Media interested in covering this event should register with Mildred Rivera, or call (202) 623-2319.

The event will be livestreamed at

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