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Emsula launches innovative solar power project financed by the IDB

Event inaugurated by the President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández

On March 20, Embotelladora de Sula S.A. (Emsula) of the Corinsa Group inaugurated the largest photovoltaic rooftop solar system in Latin America in its facilities, located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.This project was financed with support from the IDB and will contribute 3MW to a facility that bottles soft drinks, juices and purified water for various companies, including Pepsi, Gatorade and Lipton Tea.

"The IDB reaffirms its commitment and continuous support in the upward trend in the market for solar photovoltaic in Central America," said Hans Schulz, IDB Vice President for Private Sector and Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Operations. "Together with the Nordic Development Fund, the Bank has established a fund of $50 million to support businesses in the region to improve energy efficiency and reduce its dependence on oil by using renewable energy."

Emsula was honored with the participation of the President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez, who inaugurated the event. Other participants included Roberto Larach, CEO of Corinsa Group, Ramzy Massu, CEO of Smartsolar, the company responsible for the installation of the solar modules, representatives of Pepsi, and two members of the IDB project team.

"Smartsolar plans to continue working with the IDB on innovative financial solutions that will offer further opportunities for homeowners and businesses to install solar energy in their facilities, thus enabling a reduction in costs and fossil fuel consumption," said Ramzy Massu, General Manager of Smart Solar.

The project aims not only at improving the company’s bottom line but also towards investing in the environment. The IDB hopes to extend loans for similar projects throughout the region.

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