Colombia will strengthen public sector strategic management with IDB support

Colombia will advance in the modernization of public management through the implementation of an innovative Government Center (Smart Delivery Unit) that will incorporate cutting-edge technologies to support evidence-based decision-making processes with a $15 million loan approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

The project will contribute to improve the effectiveness in managing government priorities by strengthening the planning, monitoring and evaluation capacities of the central government. Additionally, it is expected to have a positive impact on the provision of priority public goods and services for the citizens of Colombia.

This program marks a milestone in the Government Centers initiative as it is the first IDB loan focused exclusively on the implementation of Delivery units. The program complements the traditional model of the Government Center (CoG) with the incorporation of sophisticated cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence that will generate data and project scenarios in order to support timely decision-making in those strategic programs for the country.

The project will be directly managed by the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, which through this program will acquire strategic information and processes for decision-making, and the public sector institutions.

The IDB loan has a repayment term of 15 years, a grace period of 15 years and an interest rate based on LIBOR.

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