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Bolivian Ministers visit Inter-American Development Bank

Bolivia’s Minister of Foreign Relations Carlos Saavedra Bruno, the Minister of Sustainable Development and Planning José Guillermo Justiniano, and the Vice Minister of Public Investment and External Financing Roberto Camacho today briefed members of the Board of Executive Directors and senior management of the Inter-American Development Bank on the country’s situation.

The ministers gave detailed information on the serious incidents that have taken place in La Paz in recent days. Bank authorities expressed their regrets for the recent tragic events and their solidarity and confidence in Bolivia’s democracy and institutions to resolve the present conflicts through dialogue and negotiation.

The ministers also reported on the severe economic measures the government has been taking to resolve the present economic difficulties, as well as on the permanent dialogue with the International Monetary Fund in order to receive its support through a rapid agreement.

The IDB authorities expressed their desire to cooperate in resolving the present economic crisis and said that the Bank’s administration will propose to the Board of Executive Directors the acceleration of pending disbursements. The Bank administration will also work with the Bolivian government on new loans for support.

Through these steps the IDB will contribute to finding a solution to the country’s financial difficulties that have had painful social consequences.

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