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#BIDAcademy Offers Development Learning Hub for Latin American and the Caribbean

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) today launched its new centralized development knowledge hub, #BIDAcademy, which digitally aggregates the IDB Group’s knowledge base and network of experts and specialists to provide the public with improved access to hundreds of courses and other knowledge and learning resources. 

#BIDAcademy offers access to a range of resources and tools – including 220 massive online courses - to benefit a range of audiences from students and educators to government officials, development practitioners, and the average citizen seeking more knowledge about development in the region. 

“With #BIDAcademy, we are taking our knowledge agenda to the next level, to ensure that our research and training are accessible,” said IDB President Mauricio Claver-Carone. For my administration, continuous learning and opportunities to expand access to training and education are critical to strengthening our human capital for the IDB and the region. 

“Knowledge is power, and the IDB has more than 60 years of expertise that can be harnessed for greater development impact.” 

#BIDAcademy reinforces the IDB Group’s efforts to drive sustainable development in Latin American and the Caribbean by building capacities and informing policy decisions through open knowledge. It also focuses on enhancing leadership and technical skills within the IDB Group to continue strengthening project design and execution capacities to better serve borrowing member countries. 

To amplify #BIDAcademy’s reach and impact, the Bank will also seek partnerships with educational and development institutions interested in co-producing and sharing knowledge that can help Latin America and the Caribbean overcome its most pressing challenges.    

#BIDAcademy is open to the public and can be accessed here


About the IDB

The Inter-American Development Bank is devoted to improving lives. Established in 1959, the IDB is a leading source of long-term financing for economic, social and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The IDB also conducts cutting-edge research and provides policy advice, technical assistance and training to public- and private-sector clients throughout the region.


Turner, Taos Lee

Turner, Taos Lee
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