Sharp Slowdown Recorded in Exports from Latin America and Caribbean, IDB Study Finds

June 08, 2023
The value of exported goods from Latin America and the Caribbean grew at an estimated rate of 2.9% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2023, after increasing by 16.4% in 2022, according to the latest edition of the Inter-American Development Bank’s Trade Trends Estimates report. Although the region’s trade performance was better than the world average, exports slowed significantly due to lower commodity prices and weaker export volumes.

IDB Approves $400 Million Loan to Boost Chile’s Green Hydrogen Industry

June 07, 2023
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved a loan to support the development of the green hydrogen industry and its derivatives in Chile. This operation seeks to help decarbonize the economy and generate new opportunities for the country’s productive development.

Regulations Needed to Advance Open Finance in Latin America and the Caribbean: Study 

June 07, 2023
Open Finance can contribute to increasing financial inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean through the consented use of financial consumer data to offer specific financial products and services. The financial service industry and authorities should improve regulation and build institutional capacity to reap the benefits from the concept, according to a new study by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA).

IDB Program that Closes Gaps for Indigenous Students Receives International Award

June 07, 2023
The intercultural bilingual education program JADENKÄ has received the Khalifa International Early Learning Award, one of the most prestigious global awards in educational topics. Ari Taen JADENKÄ (Count and Play, in the Ngäbere language) is a model of intercultural bilingual education for indigenous students to learn early mathematics and their native languages while connecting with their ancestral heritage and closing learning gaps.

Belize to Expand Access to Drinking Water and Optimize Water Providers, with IDB Support

June 05, 2023
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved two complementary programs to enhance the quality of water services in rural and peri-urban areas of Belize. The two operations, totaling $10.64 million, will bring safe drinking water to over 20,000 households in 44 rural communities in the country's six districts and nearly 400 households in peri-urban areas. Program beneficiaries include vulnerable populations such as migrants and Indigenous people.

IDB Hosts 4th FintechLAC Network Meeting

May 30, 2023
Financial regulators, fintech associations and chambers, and the fintech ecosystem from Latin America and the Caribbean will meet on June 7 and 8, 2023, in Washington D.C., to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the industry during the 4th FintechLAC Network Meeting.  The event, called “Building a Fintech Ecosystem for Financial Inclusion,” will be open to online audiences and journalists. Those interested in participating can register through this link.

IDB Documentary Explores Link Between Zip Code and Health

May 30, 2023
A person’s zip code has a more significant impact on their life expectancy than their genes do. This is the premise of Health in the City. How Zip Codes Shape Health in LAC, a documentary produced by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) that examines how urban settings influence our life expectancy and quality of life.

Brazilian State of Santa Catarina to Improve Fiscal Management with IDB Support

May 29, 2023
A $50 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will help the State of Santa Catarina in Brazil modernize its fiscal management and enhance how it administers taxes and manages public spending. The loan is part of Brazil Fiscal Management Modernization Program, Profisco II, which supports all 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District. Santa Catarina is the eighteenth Brazilian state to receive financing from this program. 

IDB leads meeting to address climate change at the International Transport Forum

May 25, 2023
The Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum (ITF) of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development will assemble representatives from governments, the private sector, academia, and civil society to share perspectives on transport’s role as a key enabler of inclusive and sustainable economic development. 

IDB Group Launches 6th Edition of Superheroes of Development Contest to Recognize Clients

May 24, 2023
The Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB Group) launched the sixth edition of the Superheroes of Development contest to reward its clients and executing institutions that stand out for successfully addressing challenges during the implementation of development projects.