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The IDB Cities Network organizes calls for proposals with the objective of compiling good practices and transformative proposals from local governments in Latin America and the Caribbean with the potential to generate a significant impact on the urban environment and the quality of life of their inhabitants. This type of platform allows to highlight the good management and innovation capacity of cities and to share knowledge among the different local governments of the region.

Innopolis 2020

Through the Innopolis urban innovation contest, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) seeks to compile good practices to address urban challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean, which highlight the good management and innovation capacity of cities.

Specifically, the IDB invites governments and local development agencies in the region to submit ongoing or completed initiatives that have been transformative and have significantly impacted the urban environment and the quality of life of citizens, specifically in at least one of the following five thematic areas: COVID-19, economic recovery and local employment, housing, mobility and connectivity, and urban sustainability and circular economy.

See the winning and finalist projects:


•    Ligue os Pontos - Prefeitura de São Paulo, Brasil
•    Estrategia para el desarrollo económico de Tuxtla Gutiérrez - Municipality of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico
•    Mercados itinerantes –  Municipality of Lima, Peru


•    #HackthePandemic - Municipality of Providencia, Chile
•    BAQATON - La solidaridad en acción para solucionar desafíos urbanos del COVID- 19 en Barranquilla y el Atlántico – Barranquilla, Colombia
•    Mercados itinerantes – Lima, Perú
•    Centro de Desarrollo Emprendedor y Laboral del Barrio Mugica - City Government of Buenos Aires
•    Requalificação da área central, um novo espaço publico em Campo Grande – MS Campo Grande, Brasil
•    Estrategia para el desarrollo económico de Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México y su zona de influencia Punto Tuxtleco - Municipality of Tuxtla         Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico 
•    Villa Sanhauá - Municipality of João Pessoa, Brazil 
•    Condominio Justicia Social 1 Vivienda Pública para Arriendo a Precio Justo - Municipality of Recoleta/Innova Corporation Recoleta, Chile
•    Programa Cosecha de Lluvia - City Government of Mexico 
•    Programa de Movilidad escolar Niñas y Niños Primero, para mejorar la experiencia de viaje de las niñas, niños y adolescentes – Bogotá, Colombia
•    Calles Conscientes y Seguras, para la transformación de ejes de movilidad - Municipality of Montevideo, Uruguay 
•    Creación del Centro de Gestión de Movilidad de la ciudad de Montevideo - Intendencia Departamental de Montevideo, Uruguay
•    Expliquémoslo con manzanas - Municipality of Mendoza, Argentina
•    Ligue os Pontos - Municipality of São Paulo, Brazil 
•    Lavandería y Duchas Comunitarias en la Amazonía Peruana - Province Municipality of Maynas, Peru

LAC cities challenge: Innovation in urban regeneration

The LAC Cities Challenge sought to support Latin American and Caribbean cities in the preparation of innovative urban regeneration projects that promote the participation of the private sector and are implemented through local economic development agencies. In September 2019, local governments in the region were invited to submit transformative proposals that have the potential to generate a significant impact on the urban environment and the quality of life of the inhabitants, with an emphasis on people living in poverty and vulnerability.

A total of 29 cities from 11 countries submitted proposals. In the first phase, the eight winning cities (Barranquilla, Bogota, Mexico City, Cordoba, Hermosillo, Montevideo, Quito, Salvador) will have the opportunity to travel to New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. during November 2019 to learn about international experiences that will serve as a reference. In a second phase, it is expected that the cities can move forward with the preparation of their projects based on the experience gained during the workshop.

•   LAC Cities Challenge: Case studies






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