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Risk Management Plan
Disaster and Climate Change Risk Management Plan
Panoramic view of a river running through a valley. Sustainable development - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
Risk Assessment Methodology Phase 1: Screening and Classification Phase 2: Qualitative Assessment Phase 3: Quantitative Assessment

The projects that have gone through Step 3, 4, and/or 5 must have a Disaster Risk Management Plan (DRMP). ​ 

Even for projects that do need to move to Step 5, sometimes the results of Steps 3 and 4 may already provide some risk mitigation measures that should be included in a DRMP, which can be updated later with the results of Step 5 and final design considerations. ​ 

The DRMP should include a combination of structural and non-structural measures, as well as relevant recommendations to address social and environmental issues related to DCCR. 


Mitigation options


Disaster and Climate Change Risk Methodology Study Cases
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