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Operations Administration

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To establish GENERAL GUIDELINES for the supervision of project execution, verification of compliance with contractual covenants, procurement procedures, and the processing of disbursements. The following guidelines are applicable to all operations financed by the Bank.

Basic Guidelines

The actions performed by the Bank during project execution are intended to:

  • Ensure that projects are executed in such a way as to attain the planned objectives.
  • Ensure that the approved financial resources are used in accordance with the covenants of the respective financing agreement and with the Bank's policies, rules, and procedures.
  • Verify compliance by borrowers/beneficiaries/executing agencies with the contractual covenants and general rules established by the Bank.
  • Advise borrowers/beneficiaries/executing agencies regarding the solution of problems that arise during project execution, so that projects will have the expected impact on national development.
  • Maintain an effective and efficient information system on loan operations.
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