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Nicolas Camauer
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We know the region because that’s where we come from. We work with commitment and dedication, always at the forefront of solutions to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Nicolas Camauer  - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
Nicolas Camauer
Alternate Executive Director


Argentina and Haiti

Nicolás Camauer has served as the Alternate Executive Director for Argentina and Haiti since February 2024.

Mr. Camauer has more than 12 years of work experience with multilateral lending banks, finances, and international development policy. Prior to his appointment, he served as the Junior Counselor in the Office of the Executive Director for Argentina and Haiti at the IDB Group (2019-2024).

Before joining the IDB Group in 2012, Mr. Camauer served as an economic-financial analyst in the Office of Projects with International Credit Institutions, attached to the Secretariat of Economic Policy and Development Planning, at the Argentine Ministry of the Economy and Public Finance (2010-2012).

Mr. Camauer holds an undergraduate degree in international relations (Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina), a master’s degree in business administration with a specialization in finance (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), and a project management certification (Georgetown University). He has also completed a number of courses and received certifications at renowned international academic institutions.

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