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IDB for Cities and Subnational Governments
Provide technical and financial support for the implementation of a pilot associated to the program ‘IDB for cities and Subnational Governments (SNGs)'. This program aims to responsibly enhance access to affordable finance at the subnational level by strengthening regional and local entities' capacities to incur in debt and develop bankable projects. This pilot aims to assess the new holistic and integrated approach and methodology before expanding it at a larger scale. The pilot will include around 5 cities or SNGs in the region and will be implemented over a two-year period. The specific objectives of the TC are to: (i) develop selection criteria for cities eligible under the program, in coordination with different areas of VPS and VPC, and apply these criteria in an initial group of five cities or SNGs; (ii) in collaboration with central government agencies, elaborate a work plan with each of the selected city or SNG governments; (iii) conduct assessments of fiscal, planning and investment, and execution capacity of SNGs; iv) design reform aimed at enhancing creditworthiness); v) structure priority bankable projects (public investments/ public-private partnerships, PPPs)  for direct fast-track financing; vi) collect and compile data and good practices to create a repository of information. This repository will support the identification of potential work streams and investment priorities for sustainable development.

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Technical Cooperation





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USD 850,000.00

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USD 850,000.00

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Preparation Phase
TC Abstract
RG-T4449 - IDB for Cities and Subnational Governments.pdf
Apr. 16, 2024

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