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Support for the design and implementation of quality early childhood development models in El Salvador
The objective of this technical cooperation is to support the Government of El Salvador in strengthening the quality and diversification of care services, including early childhood development (ECD) , through the development of new models of care, quality standards, and strengthening of the competencies of direct care staff. The technical cooperation supports the execution of subcomponent 2.2 of the project "Social Protection Responsive to Crashes in El Salvador" (ES-L1159). The technical cooperation also provides support to the Government in the development of guidelines for the construction of a national care system, with emphasis on care for the dependent elderly population.

The objective of the ES-L1159 project is to increase the resilience of households affected by adverse events, including those caused by Climate Change (CC), through the creation of an integrated social protection system responsive to shocks, the delivery of Monetary Transfers temporary and strengthening the Early Childhood Development offer for these homes. The specific objectives are: (i) create inclusive access to a responsive integrated social protection system to respond to adverse events, including those related to CC; and (ii) create access to a new TM program and quality ECD services aimed at increasing the resilience and early recovery of the vulnerable population due to external events.

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El Salvador

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Technical Cooperation





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USD 200,000.00

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