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Knowledge Exchange between the Ministry of Labor of Colombia and the Ministry of Labor of Ecuador
The objective is to carry out an exchange of experiences and knowledge of the Ministry of Labor of Ecuador and the team of professionals from the Ministry of Labor (MDT) and Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) of Ecuador with the aim of improving the capacities of the MDT that is currently in the process of designing a new loan operation with the Bank. The EC-1284 project "Support for the Commitment to Employment for the effectiveness of employment policies" aims to contribute to improving labor insertion in quality jobs, focusing on groups with greater barriers to labor insertion. The project has 3 components. The first aims to create tools to strengthen the identification of gaps in the labor market, the second to consolidate the training and certification system and the third seeks to strengthen and expand the Public Employment Service. With this initiative it is intended that the public servants of the Ministry of Labor of Ecuador can approach and learn first-hand the experience of design and execution of a similar program in Colombia also financed by the IDB This is the Program to strengthen employment policies " (CO-L1250) and in particular how job training policies and job skills certification are implemented.

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Technical Cooperation





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Likely to cause minimal or no negative environmental and associated social impacts

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USD 20,000.00

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USD 0.00

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USD 20,000.00

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