Sanctions Officer
Sanction Code


Project Name
Service Agreement for the Operationalization of the IDB's Service Center (C0055-18)
Prohibited Practice(s)
Corrupt Practice
Fraudulent Practice
Costa Rica
Type of Sanction


Prohibited Practice(s) Text

Fraudulent and Corrupt Practice: The Respondent was found to have forged documents in relation to the procurement of equipment for a Bank's office, in order to obtain an undue financial benefit. The Respondent was also found to have requested the payment of a sum of money in exchange for exercising undue influence, while taking advantage of the Respondent's roles. 


The Respondent (the "Respondent"), acting as an employee of the company that operates the Inter-American Development Bank's (the "Bank" or "IDB") Service Center, was responsible for the execution of corporate procurement processes under a construction agreement for the expansion and renovation of the Bank's offices in the Republic of Panama (the "Agreement"). The Respondent was required to comply with the Bank's Corporate Procurement Policies in the performance of her duties under the employment agreement. The Office of Institutional Integrity (the "OII") submitted a Statement of Charges and Evidence against the Respondent for allegedly committing a fraudulent practice and a corrupt practice in connection with the Agreement. OII accused the Respondent of forging documents related to the procurement of equipment for the Bank's offices in the Republic of Panama in order to obtain an undue financial benefit. OII also accused the Respondent of requesting payment of a sum of money in exchange for exercising undue influence in connection with the Respondent's duties, and processing services that had not been requested by the Bank and would not be performed. Consequently, and per the Sanctions Procedures, the Sanctions Officer ("SO") issued a Notice of Administrative Action ("Notice") against the Respondent. The Respondent did not submit a Response to the Notice.

The SO determined that it was more likely than not that the Respondent engaged in fraudulent and corrupt practices. As a result, the SO imposed a debarment sanction for eleven (11) years. The Respondent will be ineligible to participate or be awarded contracts in projects or activities financed by the Bank Group during that time. The SO considered the following aggravating circumstances: the sophisticated means used by the Respondent, who was familiar with the Bank's internal procurement systems and procedures, the Respondent's central role in the elaboration of the scheme, as well as the damage caused to the Bank's reputation.

In accordance with the Sanctions Procedures, the sanction imposed entered into force immediately, and the Bank provided notice of this declaration of ineligibility to the other Multilateral Development Banks that are a party to the Agreement for Mutual Enforcement of Debarment Decisions.