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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status
BR-L1411 Brazil URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Urban Requalification Program of the Western Region of Aracaju 300.80 Preparation
BR-L1430 Brazil URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Urbanistical Recalification Program of La Orla Lagunar de Maceió 127.00 Preparation
HA-L1106 Haiti WATER AND SANITATION Solid Waste Management in Northern Haiti 33.50 Preparation
NI-L1084 Nicaragua FINANCIAL MARKETS Development Program of productive opportunities in the Caribbean Coast 1,225.00 Preparation
PR-L1152 Paraguay URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Rehabilitation and Housing Program of the Bañado Sur in Asunción (Barrio Tacumbú) 560.00 Preparation