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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status
BR-L1411 Brazil URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Urban Requalification Program of the Western Region of Aracaju 75.20 Preparation
BR-L1430 Brazil URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Urbanistical Recalification Program of La Orla Lagunar de Maceió 63.50 Preparation
CO-L1234 Colombia TRANSPORT Metro of Bogota First Line - First tranch 70.00 Preparation
HA-L1106 Haiti WATER AND SANITATION Solid Waste Management and Urban Improvement in Northern Haiti 25.00 Preparation
HA-L1128 Haiti AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Land Tenure Security Program in Rural Areas II 15.00 Preparation
PE-L1232 Peru ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Forest Investment Projects Peru 16.80 Preparation
PN-L1147 Panama TRANSPORT Support to the development of logistic and territorial connectivity of Panama's western region. 50.00 Preparation