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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
RG-T3113 Regional ENERGY Support to the Bolivia-Brazil Electric Interconnection Project 0.50 Approved March 06, 2018
PN-T1177 Panama TRANSPORT Support to the Program for the Development of Territorial Connectivity of Panama's Central and Western Region 0.50 Implementation March 01, 2018
BR-L1421 Brazil URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Integrated and Sustainable Urban Development Program of The Municipality of João Pessoa 100.00 Approved December 13, 2017
EC-T1378 Ecuador TRANSPORT Institutional Strenthening of Metropolitan Public Company Metro of Quito (EMMQ) II 0.50 Approved December 11, 2017
HA-T1238 Haiti AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Land Tenure and Land Use in Rural Areas 0.15 Approved November 07, 2017
BR-L1487 Brazil WATER AND SANITATION Environmental Sanitation and Urban Development Program in the Mané Dendê River Basin 67.50 Approved September 27, 2017
NI-T1232 Nicaragua ENERGY Support to the Geothermal Exploration Program and Improved Power Transmission in the Framework of Nicaragua's Investment Plan (PINIC) 0.46 Implementation August 31, 2017
CR-T1149 Costa Rica ENERGY Environmental and Social Management Capacity Building for ICE¿s Electricity Business Line 0.42 Implementation December 14, 2016
PE-L1151 Peru TRANSPORT Improvement Huanuco Road, Conococha Huanuco Sector - Huallanca PE - 3N Route Project 80.00 Implementation December 14, 2016
NI-T1233 Nicaragua TRANSPORT Support to the development of the logistics freight and ports in Nicaragua 0.80 Implementation December 09, 2016
PE-T1352 Peru TRANSPORT Support for the Preparation of Project for Improvement of the Road Huánuco - Conococha, Huánuco Sector - Huallanca Segment Route PE - 3N (North-South Mountain Highway) 0.30 Implementation December 09, 2016
TT-T1065 Trinidad and Tobago TRANSPORT Technical and Environmental Studies for Road Program in Trinidad and Tobago 0.50 Implementation December 06, 2016
AR-L1199 Argentina TRANSPORT Program to Expand Capacity and Road Safety on Integration Road Corridors 300.00 Implementation December 05, 2016
NI-L1097 Nicaragua TRANSPORT Road Integration Program II 87.00 Implementation November 23, 2016
GY-L1060 Guyana AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Sustainable Agricultural Development Program 15.00 Implementation November 16, 2016
NI-L1094 Nicaragua ENERGY Geothermal exploration program, Coverage and Improved Power Transmission 76.37 Implementation September 07, 2016
EC-T1332 Ecuador TRANSPORT Institutional Strengthening and Support for PPP Project Structuring 0.75 Implementation August 19, 2016
HA-T1206 Haiti AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Improvement of Sediment Management in the Peligre Reservoir 0.90 Implementation July 13, 2016
HA-G1035 Haiti URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Productive Infrastructure Program III 15.35 Implementation March 03, 2016