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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
RG-T3406 Regional ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Advisory Services to Create the Caribbean Water Utilities Mutual Insurance 0.00 Approved March 20, 2019
CO-G1011 Colombia AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Promotion of Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Rural Development and Environmental Conservation 0.00 Approved March 18, 2019
PE-T1420 Peru REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Institutional Strengthening of the National Supply System 0.00 Implementation March 15, 2019
PR-T1267 Paraguay AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Support for the Strengthening of the Public Agricultural Services in Paraguay 0.00 Implementation March 14, 2019
RG-T3438 Regional SOCIAL INVESTMENT Program/Facility to Support the Design and Implementation of Institutional Strengthening Operations and Activities for the Migration Agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean 0.00 Implementation March 14, 2019
BO-L1199 Bolivia ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Program for the Strengthening of Environmental and Natural Resource Management II 200.00 Approved March 13, 2019
RG-T3377 Regional WATER AND SANITATION Management, Operation, Improvements, Support of the Implementation and Dissemination of the AquaRating Program 0.00 Implementation March 13, 2019
CR-T1205 Costa Rica SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Knowledge Exchange on Digitization of the Construction Sector 0.00 Disbursing (From eli March 08, 2019
RG-T3011 Regional URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING France-LAC Partnership: Local Housing Strategies, a Pathway to Sustainable, Climate-Friendly and Inclusive Cities 0.00 Implementation March 08, 2019
UR-T1208 Uruguay SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Support for the Preparation of the Second CCLIP Tourism Operation 0.00 Implementation March 07, 2019
RG-T3378 Regional ENERGY EcoMicro - National Development Foundation of Dominica Limited - Green Finance for MSMEs and Low-Income Households 0.00 Approved March 05, 2019
PE-T1421 Peru REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Knowledge Exchange for the Implementation of the National Supply System 0.00 Disbursing (From eli March 04, 2019
AR-L1285 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Provincial Management Strengthening Program II 150.00 Approved February 28, 2019
AR-L1304 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Program for Strengthening of the Digital Agenda: Connectivity, Electronic Government and Digital Productive Transformation 300.00 Approved February 28, 2019
EC-L1243 Ecuador TRADE National System for Investment Attraction and Facilitation 12.00 Approved February 28, 2019
HO-T1297 Honduras ENERGY Comprehensive Management Plan of Lake Yojoa 0.00 Approved February 27, 2019
JA-T1164 Jamaica SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Support to Jamaica’s Innovation Ecosystem for Promoting Innovative Firms 0.00 Implementation February 25, 2019
AR-L1113 Argentina TRADE Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires - TFFP 10.00 Closed February 13, 2019
RG-T3387 Regional AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT FONTAGRO 2019-2020 Annual Operation Plan (AOP) 0.00 Implementation February 13, 2019
PN-T1223 Panama EDUCATION Knowledge Exchange about Consolidation of the National Education Assessment System 0.00 Disbursing (From eli February 12, 2019