Speech by the President Moreno before the representatives from non-regional IDB member countries in Israel – 25-26 January 2011

January 25, 2011
Inter-American Development Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno addressed representatives from non-regional member countries gathered in Jerusalem, Israel. Good Afternoon,

Remarks by Mr. Luis Alberto Morenoat the closing session

April 08, 2008
Introduction As our Annual Meeting draws to a close, I wish to thank the Prime Minister of The Bahamas, the Honourable Hubert Ingraham; the Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honourable David Thompson; and the Prime Minister of Belize, the Honourable Dean Barrow. I also wish to again thank our hosts, the United States of America, as well as the city of Miami, the delegations of the Bank’s member countries, the seminar and meeting

Enhancing Competitiveness in Latin America: The Role of Infrastructure

February 19, 2008
I want to thank Canning House and its Chairman, Mr. David Thomas, for this invitation to speak to such a select group of business leaders. I also want to thank the London Stock Exchange, British Expertise and UK Trade and Investment for convening this session on the role of infrastructure for enhancing competitiveness in Latin America and the Caribbean. I have come to the UK almost every year to speak at various gatherings with private investors. Many of you have participated in these discussions.

Infrastructure Development and Opportunities in Iberoamerica

December 26, 2007
I want to thank you for this invitation to speak to such a select group of business leaders, and to open what I believe to be a very interesting discussion of trends in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is with great regard that I bring greetings to Antonio Fernández-Galiano and Cristóbal Montoro, as I do to the ministers with us today, and to all of you present here. I have come to Spain almost every year to speak at various gatherings with private investors in Latin America and the Caribbean. Many of you have participated in these discussions.

International conference for Haiti’s social and economic development

July 25, 2006
Opening Remarks As a long-standing partner of Haiti, the IDB is pleased to take part in this important conference, which ratifies the international community’s strong commitment to support the government’s vision and long-term development strategy. I welcome this opportunity to reiterate that the IDB supports the pursuit of a continued and coordinated donor approach led by the Haitian government, as well as a country-driven development process. IDB Support

Brasil, Remesas y Microfinanzas: Cambios Globales en la Banca (Spanish only)

March 30, 2006
La emigración y las remesas: aspectos claves de la globalización

XXIV Exposición Comercial Internacional (Spanish only)

March 10, 2006
Para mí es un gran gusto participar esta tarde en la inauguración de esta edición número 24 de EXPOCOMER. Esta exposición de comercio internacional representa la mejor vitrina al mundo de un país como Panamá que ha asumido con éxito y ambición el desafío de insertarse en la economía global. 

Civil Society: An IDB Perspective

February 15, 2006
I would like to thank all of you here for attending this sixth regional IDB – Civil Society meeting. It is extremely important to have this opportunity to reflect on how we can collaborate more effectively in efforts to contribute to economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean. I would also like to thank Minister Paulo Bernardo, the Bank’s Governor for Brazil, for joining us here this morning.

Presentation at the round table on management for results

February 18, 2004
Thank you very much Mr. President. I would like to thank the people of Marrakesh on behalf of the IDB for hosting this event. I would like to say a few words in connection with our meeting today and the special pleasure we have to be here discussing once again this very important issue. And I think I am very enthusiastic about the fact that we are going to concentrate discussions on country approaches and really involve what is sure to be a rich exchange by borrower institutions.

Is macroeconomic coordination desirable and possible in Latin America?

September 26, 2002
Allow me to begin by thanking our host, Mr. Alan Greenspan, and his institution, the Federal Reserve Board of the United States, for their hospitality. I would especially like to thank Alan, as a good friend of Latin America and the Caribbean, for the interest and support he has always shown for the region.