Presentation to the Committee fro Economic Cooperation and Development of the German Parliament

June 18, 2008
Latin America and the Caribbean experienced solid growth in 2007, external indebtedness declined in relative terms, and international reserves have risen. However, inflationary expectations have started to mount, due in part to the increase in oil and food prices.

Día de ética y desarrollo (Spanish only)

February 24, 2006
Su eminencia Cardenal Theodore E. McCarrick, Arzobispo de Washington; Profesor Amartya Sen, Premio Nóbel de Economía; Sra. Secretaria de Estado para el Desarrollo Económico y Gobernadora del BID por Noruega, Anne Margareth Fagertun Stenhammer; Sr. Presidente del Congreso Judío Mundial Rabino Israel Singer; Sr. Director Emérito del Centro Nacional de Investigación Científica de Francia Edgar Morin; Sra. Premio Mundial a la integridad de Transparency International Jueza Eva Joly; Señores y Señoras Embajadores;

Promoting Economic Opportunity in the Americas: IDB’s role

December 13, 2005
Greetings Good afternoon! It’s a great pleasure for me to visit the American Enterprise Institute for the first time in my new capacity as President of the Inter-American Development Bank. One of my main missions at the IDB is to transform it into a true “ideas bank”. I think there is much our institution can learn from successful ideas-driven organizations like the AEI, and I look forward to a closer relationship between our two institutions in the years ahead.

The IDB’s role in bolstering the private sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

December 06, 2005
On behalf of the President of the Inter-American Development Bank, Luis Alberto Moreno, I want to thank the Conference organizers for inviting the Bank to participate in what has become one of the most important forums for the private sector, government and civil society to convene regarding business development in the Region.

Enhancing the Partnership between Latin America & the Caribbean and Japan

November 29, 2005
Greetings and Introduction Mina sama. Kon ni chi uá!