Opportunities for the Majority

March 24, 2008
This IDB initiative applies sustainable market-based strategies to bring the benefits of economic and social development to the majority of the population in Latin America and the Caribbean, reaching more than 360 million people—around 70 percent of the population—who live on less than US$300 per month. This low-income sector has not benefited substantially from the region’s recent economic growth, and meeting its needs requires new investment approaches from both the public and private sectors to make a positive impact from which all will benefit.

The IDB in Brief

February 27, 2007
The Inter-American Development Bank was created in 1959 to help accelerate the economic and social development of its member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and to promote regional integration. The Bank uses its own resources and those it raises on financial markets. In 1994 its authorized capital was increased by $40 billion to $101 billion.

The IDB and the majority in Latin America and the Caribbean

February 27, 2007
While Latin America and the Caribbean have seen marked improvements in their social indicators, including life expectancy and education, over the past five decades, the proportion of people living in poverty has not varied greatly. Today some 360 million people – roughly seven out of 10 inhabitants of this region – live with annual incomes of less than the equivalent of $3,260.

Guatemala and the IDB

February 27, 2007
The Inter-American Development Bank is the leading source of multilateral lending for Guatemala, Central America’s largest economy. In almost half a century of operations it has approved more than $2.9 billion in loans for Guatemala and disbursed close to $2.4 billion. Historically the IDB has financed projects in a wide range of sectors in Guatemala, including transportation, energy, water and sanitation, education, health, rural development, environmental protection and state reform.

New bank initiatives in 2006

February 27, 2007
The Inter-American Development Bank launched several initiatives in 2006 to update its products and windows with the objective of better serving its member countries. Chief among them were the following: Opportunities for the Majority