IDB President on the Cancún Annual Meeting

March 10, 2009
IDB Annual Meetings often present an opportunity to set the course for the coming months and even years. What are some of the key issues at this annual meeting in Cancun?

Remarks by IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno at the Sports for Development Seminar

July 22, 2008
Good morning to everyone.  I would like to welcome all of you to the Inter-American Development Bank. The IDB believes in the power of sports to mobilize the private, public and non-profit sectors to have a positive impact on youth.  In the past two years, the Bank has invested over five million dollars in non-reimbursable financing for this type of initiatives. We believe that the skills learned on the soccer field can be transformed into skills for life and skills for employment.

Presentation to the Committee fro Economic Cooperation and Development of the German Parliament

June 18, 2008
Latin America and the Caribbean experienced solid growth in 2007, external indebtedness declined in relative terms, and international reserves have risen. However, inflationary expectations have started to mount, due in part to the increase in oil and food prices.

World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)<br> Bi-Annual Partnership Meeting<br> Washington, DC

October 04, 2006
Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen.   I want to thank Bill Guyton and the World Cocoa Foundation for this opportunity to get acquainted and for the honor and pleasure of sharing this occasion with my friend and distinguished fellow speaker, Anne Venneman. I’m excited to be here today for the simple reason that you and I are in the same business—the business of sustainable development. The areas where cocoa is grown and harvested, with few exceptions, are areas marked by poverty, inadequate education and healthcare, and limited economic opportunity.

Financiamiento de Energía Limpia (Spanish only)

March 31, 2006
Buenos día a todos y gracias por acompañarnos en este seminario sobre financiamiento de fuentes de energía limpia. En particular, quiero agradecer a mis colegas que participan en esta sesión inaugural al Sr. José Goldemberg, Secretario de Medio Ambiente del estado de Sao Paulo; y a la representante del gobierno de Alemania, la Sra. Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven. El tema de la energía—y el de la energía limpia en particular—es de alta prioridad en las actividades del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, pues es un asunto que genera grandes desafíos y oportunidades para los países de nuestra región.

International symposium on intelligent transportation systems in emerging economies

May 07, 2002