The IDB, a partner of Colombia in development

March 17, 2009
Since the mid-1990s the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has been the leading source of multilateral financing for Colombia. Over the last 50 years, the IDB has approved more than US$14.8 billion in loans and non-refundable technical cooperation projects for Colombia. Throughout its history, the IDB has supported the Colombian government and private sector in key development areas such as infrastructure, state modernization and reform, small and medium enterprise, agriculture, energy, climate change and environmental protection.

Microfinance Ranking Championship League 2008

October 08, 2008
By Matthew Gerhrke, Renso Martinez and Maria Cecilia Rondon, Microfinance Information Exchange, INC. (MIX)Microfinance in Latin America and the Caribbean skyrocketed in 2007, fueled by booming demand for financial services from microentrepreneurs in the region’s fastgrowing economies along with new funding in both debt and deposit. The region and its microfinance institutions (MFIs) remained in the forefront of attractive investment opportunities.

State-owned rental housing

May 05, 2004
Government-owned subsidized rental houses have been used as a shelter solution for low-income populations in several countries, particularly in the Caribbean, according to a recent IDB study analyzing cases and presenting options to improve existing situations.

Chile’s toll-road revolution

January 01, 2004
By Paul ConstanceSometime this year, commuters in the Chilean capital of Santiago will experience a long-awaited dose of relief when portions of a new four-lane highway running north–south through their congested city finally open to traffic.

Valparaíso and Buenos Aires: Cities to Preserve

February 07, 2003
Two Latin American cities, Valparaíso and Buenos Aires, came together at the lecture "The Conservation of 19th and 20th Century Monuments and Heritage" at IDB Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Ron van Oers, a Dutch urban planner with UNESCO's World Heritage Center, underscored the importance of the initiative undertaken by the Center to evaluate and preserve the cultural heritage of the 19th and 20th centuries. UNESCO has given hundreds of cultural and natural assets world heritage status, yet few represent recent centuries.

Development by dialogue

November 01, 2002
By Roger Hamilton Driving south through Central America and into Panama’s province of Darién, the Pan American Highway turns to dirt, narrows, and then stops in the little community of Yaviza. Beyond lie the forests and waterways of the famous Darién Gap, the only break in the highway system that runs from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. The Darién might be the end of the road, but it’s in the vanguard of a global effort to achieve economic and social development and preserve a rich natural environment.