Presentation to the Committee fro Economic Cooperation and Development of the German Parliament

June 18, 2008
Latin America and the Caribbean experienced solid growth in 2007, external indebtedness declined in relative terms, and international reserves have risen. However, inflationary expectations have started to mount, due in part to the increase in oil and food prices.

Social Development Week

October 24, 2005
It is an honor for me to open the Second Social Development Week, an opportunity to reflect and share lessons learned and innovative ideas in an area critical to our region’s development. Thank you all for being here, particularly those of you who have come from the region to share your experiences in the field, including our colleagues from the Bank’s Country Offices.

Renewing the commitment to sustainable development: A perspective from the Inter-American Development Bank

September 01, 2002
The Challenge of Sustainable Development Sustainable development poses a grave challenge: how to reconcile the economic and social progress of today with what we owe to the generations of tomorrow. And what we owe to tomorrow’s generations are the capacity and resources necessary to make economic and social progress of their own.