The Road to SDG Financing: Mobilizing Domestic Resources

December 27, 2019
(Last segment of the series)

The Road to SDG Financing: The Evolution of Private Investment

September 10, 2019
Part I of the series “The Road to SDG Financing” Matias Bendersky, Chief of the Resource Mobilization Division In the many discussions surrounding the financing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there is consensus on at least one point: traditional sources of public finance simply won’t cut it. Fortunately, in the private sector, we see a shift away from business-as-usual investing toward approaches that generate returns while unlocking benefits for environment and society.

Improving Lives One Partnership at a Time

November 28, 2018
As we begin gearing up for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group’s upcoming Annual Meeting in Chengdu, we can’t help but reflect on the conclusions of the 2018 gathering in Mendoza, Argentina, where one message was resoundingly clear: to advance development in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), we must work in greater coordination than ever before.

Canada and the IDB: Partners for Prosperity

August 27, 2015
For almost half a century, Canada has been a strong partner of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). It joined the IDB, the world’s oldest and largest regional development bank, in 1972. Yet Canada has been an IDB partner for much longer, first engaging the Bank in 1964 by creating the Canadian Fund with the equivalent of $47.2 million to support investments in physical infrastructure.

Brazil’s Fisherwomen Mean Business

March 07, 2014
In Vila Castelo, a small town in the Brazilian state of Pará, fisherwomen are learning the ropes of fiscal management and entrepreneurship  Traditional fishing does not differ much today from what it has been since biblical times—a boat, a net, and a few men. Wait. Men? Maybe it has changed after all. At least in Vila Castelo, a tiny fishing village in Brazil’s state of Pará, women fish alongside men. 

Energy integration in Central America: Full steam ahead

June 25, 2013
With support from the IDB and regulations of the Regional Electricity Market now in place, SIEPAC is open for business

A door to employment in the Dominican Republic

June 20, 2013
After a decade looking for her first job, Sugey González has finally achieved her goal. This Dominican young woman recently started working as an attorney at a prestigious consulting firm in Santo Domingo. “It was a very tough reality, because you think you’ll go straight from the university to a job and that’s not how it was, because I had no work experience.”