IDB launches 2017 Call for Proposals to promote Regional Public Goods in Latin America and the Caribbean

February 24, 2017
The deadline for accepting proposals is April 26th, 2017 The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched the 2017 Call for Proposals of the Initiative for the Promotion of Regional Public Goods in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), which supports projects aimed at resolving shared challenges and seizing opportunities for development through regional cooperation among at least three countries. Since 2004, the RPG Initiative has financed 140 projects, investing a total of more than US$103 million.

The IDB, a partner of Colombia in development

March 17, 2009
Since the mid-1990s the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has been the leading source of multilateral financing for Colombia. Over the last 50 years, the IDB has approved more than US$14.8 billion in loans and non-refundable technical cooperation projects for Colombia. Throughout its history, the IDB has supported the Colombian government and private sector in key development areas such as infrastructure, state modernization and reform, small and medium enterprise, agriculture, energy, climate change and environmental protection.

The IDB's Office of Institutional Integrity (OII) releases its 2005 Annual Report

March 27, 2006
Corruption greatly undermines the building of inclusive, democratic and transparent societies in Latin America and the Caribbean, threatening both economic and social development in the region as well as the mission of the IDB, noted Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno in introducing the 2005 Annual Report for the Office of Institutional Integrity.

Not quite equal under the law

January 01, 2005
By Charo Quesada On paper, Latin America is almost a model of equitable and gender-neutral justice. Nearly all governments in the region have signed and ratified international agreements guaranteeing access to the courts and equality under the law, regardless of sex.

The cost of conflict

November 21, 2003
How much does it cost a country like Peru if business owners don't trust its own justice and conflict resolution systems? Somewhere between $65-200 million per year in gross domestic product, according to a recently published IDB study. Alvaro Herrero and Keith Henderson, co-authors of The Cost of Conflict Resolution for Small Businesses, came up with that estimate after surveying and interviewing owners of medium, small and micro businesses, judicial system officials, economists, bankers and public officials across Peru.

Environmental and social safeguards in place for Camisea

October 09, 2003
To assure protection of the ecologically fragile region where the production and processing plants of the Camisea natural gas project are being built in Peru, the IDB has established environmental and social requirements and monitoring and supervising the entire project, not just the pipeline the Bank is helping to finance. The IDB's participation in the project has spurred positive measures that will make Paracas bay --where ships will load Camisea's natural gas liquid products-- cleaner than it was before the project began.

IDB officials exchange views with indigenous leaders on environmental and social aspects of Camisea project

May 14, 2003
Officials of the Inter-American Development Bank have met with six leaders of South American indigenous communities to exchange views on environmental and social concerns relating to the Camisea natural gas project in Peru.

Alternative justice in Peru

April 16, 2003
Lawyers and judges aren’t always the most popular people in town. But what would we do if we didn’t have a functional, equitable justice system? How would we resolve our differences, deter crimes and punish offenders, or convince businesses that our communities were safe places to invest?