Caribbean Economies at a Crossroads: IDB Report

August 30, 2023
An analysis of the ongoing recovery in Caribbean economies points to an inflection point in growth prospects and external risks. A new report from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) highlights the progress in economic recovery in most Caribbean economies, despite persistent external shocks, but it warns that risks remain in the near-term. 

IDB and World Bank: Strengthening Collaboration to Maximize Development Impact

August 29, 2023
Inter-American Development Bank President Ilan Goldfajn and World Bank President Ajay Banga will hold a discussion on strategic and collaborative approaches in a world faced with complex challenges. Discover how the two institutions envision driving positive change in Latin America and the Caribbean, and propelling the region toward a more resilient and prosperous future.

IDB Publication Sums Up 10 Years of Lessons and Guidance on Boosting Creative Industries

August 23, 2023
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) released 10 Years of Championing Culture and Creativity: The IDB's Commitment to Cultural and Creative Industries, a publication that lays out challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for making culture and creativity a cornerstone of economic recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean.

IDB Coordinates Focus on the Americas at World Water Week 2023

August 21, 2023
Latin America and the Caribbean, like the rest of the world, must embrace innovation to enhance water-related solutions for societies and economies. This is the central theme of the Focus on the Americas sessions at World Water Week 2023, the preeminent international platform for discussions within the water and sanitation sector.

Agenda for 2023 World Summit of Development Banks Unveiled

August 16, 2023
Journalists interested in covering the Finance in Common Summit (FiCS) in person can register until August 25. The Finance in Common Summit (FiCS), to be held from September 4 to 6 in Cartagena, Colombia, announced its agenda featuring ministers of state and presidents of the main global and national development banks.

IDB Supports Ecuador in Promoting the Labor Integration of Workers

August 14, 2023
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved an investment loan of $25 million to strengthen the labor integration of workers in Ecuador in quality jobs. 

Costa Rica to Serve Vulnerable Migrant Population with $20 Million IDB Grant

August 10, 2023
The Board of Directors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved today a $20 million grant to Costa Rica to implement the Comprehensive Citizen Security and Violence Prevention Program for the Inclusion of Vulnerable Migrant Groups. The grant aims to make local and migrant populations less vulnerable to violence, marginalization, and discrimination.

Governors of Brazil's Legal Amazon to Increase Collaboration and Develop Investment Plans with IDB Support

August 07, 2023
BELÉM, Brazil – The Governors of the Brazilian Interstate Consortium for the Sustainable Development of the Legal Amazon will increase their collaboration as part of the Inter-American Development Bank's regional program, Amazonia Forever.