Improving lives in Latin American and the Caribbean countries by supporting efforts to reduce poverty and inequality in a sustainable, climate friendly way.

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The Inter-American Development Bank is the leading provider of development financing to Latin American and the Caribbean. The IDB is owned by its 48 member countries.

The Bank finances its operations by issuing bonds in international capital markets. Since 1962, the Bank has held the highest possible triple-A credit rating. Its financial strength is based on its solid capital base, its conservative investment and lending policies as well as its financial performance and the backing from its member countries.

The Bank offers a wide range of investment options and aims to expand its investor base. The Bank’s bonds have been bought by investors in several regions of the world, including North America, Asia and Europe.

The transaction concludes a successful run of USD fixed-rate global benchmark bond issuance for 2023.


Recent updates for IDB Investors. 

The proceeds of this transaction are aligned with the IDB's strategic priorities to reduce poverty and inequalities in the region by sustainably promoting economic and social development.  

The transaction marks IDB’s first 3-year fixed-rate USD benchmark since its $3.5bn 3-year print in September 2021.

The transaction marks the IDB's return to the CAD market since June 2021, when the IDB issued a 5-year C$750 million SDB Global benchmark. 

Recent updates for IDB investors.

This transaction is the first IDB's 10yr since 2021, and its second USD benchmark in 2023.

The transaction pays an annual coupon of 4.000% and matures on December 17, 2029. 

The latest report on IDB liquid fixed-rate US$ benchmark bonds. 


$176.8 bln

Total subscribed capital 

$37.9 bln

Total equity

$148.0 bln

Total assets