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A landscape with hills and trees -Sustainable Development - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
Transforming for Greater Impact and Scale

We have a new approach that unifies and focuses the work of the IDB, IDB Invest and IDB Lab under one goal: we will ramp up the impact and scale of the results we achieve for the countries and people of Latin America and the Caribbean – and by extension, the world.

Three transformations make us not just bigger, but better, and drive the IDBImpact+ ethos. Ambitious, innovative programs and initiatives put that ethos into practice.

A child writing on a book. IDB IDBStrategy+

A roadmap for comprehensive reforms and measurable objectives, designed to achieve a new level of development results and reach

Aereal view of some windmills in a field. IDB IDBInvest+

A new, industry-leading business model and a fresh injection of capital to enable greater development gains through the private sector

A person mixing chocolate in a large container. IDB IDBLab+

A more systemic approach, with greater catalytic power, to cultivate innovation ecosystems across the region

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Embarcación navegando por un río en medio de zona selvática. Desarrollo sostenible - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID Amazonia Forever

Our holistic umbrella program for the Amazon’s sustainable development, fostering collaboration on conservation, climate and economic alternatives for inhabitants

cargo ship BID for the Americas

Our program to boost the participation of global businesses in the region’s economic opportunities through public procurement, trade and investment, and financing

A newly opened toll office with three entrance lanes - IDB - Inter American Development Bank 'América en el Centro'

Our program to bolster productivity and integration, climate resilience, and social development in Central America and the Dominican Republic

IDBImpact-10-IDB-Digital-Coast-City-With-Port One Caribbean

Our program to enhance climate adaptation, citizen and business security, private-sector engagement, and food security in Caribbean countries

A person holding a tree. Finance - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB IDB CLIMA

Our first-of-its-kind financing tool that rewards countries for achieving nature and climate objectives and promotes access to green debt markets

a bird is standing over a red garden - IDB - Inter American Development Bank Debt-for-Nature Conversions

Our innovative financing mechanisms to help countries purchase debt at better terms, freeing up resources to conserve nature

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