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Medical Second Opinion
Free Medical Second Opinion Services
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Medical Second Opinion Services

If you would like to have a second medical opinion before having major surgery or for other reasons, please follow these steps depending on whether you are enrolled with Cigna Healthcare (in the U.S. and Puerto Rico) or with Cigna Global (outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico):

  • For Cigna Healthcare members: You have access to The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic’s Virtual Second Opinions program. The program provides you with easy, secure access to high-quality medical expertise from the comfort of home. Through this digital health service, you can have your medical diagnosis and treatment plan reviewed by an expert physician at Cleveland Clinic and receive an educational opinion by video consultation and written report in about two weeks.  
    The Clinic supports you every step of the way. From collecting and reviewing medical records to identifying the best specialist for your needs, the program saves you time, trouble, and travel on your path to peace of mind – all at no cost to you.  More details…
  • For Cigna Global members: Cigna Global has the “Decision Support Programme” to get a second opinion from world-renowned medical specialists so you can make informed decisions about your diagnosis and available treatment options. This service is free of cost and is only activated by your case manager with your consent or you can use the Contact Form in the ‘Contact’ section of to request a contact with the Medical team for the activation of the Decision Support Programme. More details…
Please note that the Medical Benefits Program is no longer providing the second opinion service with Teladoc.
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