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Cigna Global mobile apps
Cigna Global Mobile Apps
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A woman sitting at a table using a laptop. Wellbeing - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Cigna Health Benefits mobile app

The Cigna Health Benefits mobile app allows you to:

  • Submit claims and track claim status
  • Access details on your benefits
  • View and print temporary ID cards or request a replacement
  • Find in-network providers and check their payment arrangement with Cigna Global

Download this app on your phone or tablet for easy access to services:  Apple iOS | Google Android

A woman holding a baby while using a laptop. Equality - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Cigna Wellbeing mobile app

The Cigna Wellbeing mobile app allows you to:

  • Allows you to do video consultations with a doctor via Global Telehealth
  • Access tutorials for a healthy lifestyle and healthy recipes


Install: Apple iOS / Google Android

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