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Project number Pays Sector Project title Financing Statut Approval date
BA-G1006 Barbados REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Modification of the Public Sector Modernization Programme (4920/OC-BA) and Supplementary Nonreimbursable Investment Financing "Digital Transformation of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital" 4,337,833.00 Implementation January 26, 2023
RG-T4164 Regional SOCIAL INVESTMENT Regional Anti-Xenophobia Strategy 147,368.00 Implementation January 26, 2023
BA-T1089 Barbados ENERGY Accelerating the transition to electromobility in Barbados 450,000.00 Implementation January 23, 2023
PE-T1534 Peru WATER AND SANITATION Innovative Pilot Project for the Provision of Water and Sanitation Services for SUMQ WASI Rural Homes in Peru 200,000.00 Implementation January 18, 2023
PE-T1510 Peru SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Support to the strengthening of the public institutions of science, technology and innovation in Peru 500,000.00 Implementation January 17, 2023
BA-T1090 Barbados PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Knowledge Exchange on Life Sciences 19,866.00 Implementation January 15, 2023
RG-T4143 Regional REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Korea-LAC Tech Corps Program 2,050,000.00 Implementation January 13, 2023
AR-L1343 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Cybersecurity for Critical Information Infrastructure Program 30,000,000.00 Implementation January 11, 2023
AR-L1353 Argentina AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Support Program for Small Wine Producers in Argentina II (PROVIAR II) 40,000,000.00 Implementation January 11, 2023
BR-L1609 Brazil URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Urban Resilience and Revitalization Program in Socially and Environmentally Vulnerable Areas - ProMorar Recife 260,000,000.00 Implementation January 11, 2023
CO-L1271 Colombia ENERGY Caribbean Sustainable Energy- Energy Efficiency Program (PEECES) 34,500,000.00 Implementation January 11, 2023
ES-L1156 El Salvador FINANCIAL MARKETS Access to Credit Program for Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) 100,000,000.00 Implementation January 11, 2023
PE-L1256 Peru WATER AND SANITATION Investment Project for Improvement and Expansion of Potable Water, Sanitary Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment Services in the Zarumilla and Aguas Verdes Districts of the Province of Zarumilla - Department of Tumbes. 60,000,000.00 Implementation January 11, 2023
PN-L1177 Panama SOCIAL INVESTMENT Social Inclusion and Development Program Phase II 20,000,000.00 Implementation January 11, 2023
CH-Q0007 Chile PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Copptech: A Antiviral Biotech 1.00 Implementation January 10, 2023
BA-T1100 Barbados OTHER Action Plan C&D 255,006.00 Implementation January 02, 2023
BH-T1102 Bahamas OTHER Action Plan C&D 259,639.00 Implementation January 02, 2023
BL-T1165 Belize OTHER Action Plan C&D 328,881.00 Implementation January 02, 2023
BO-T1415 Bolivia OTHER Action Plan C&D 582,427.00 Implementation January 02, 2023
CR-T1268 Costa Rica OTHER Action Plan C&D 270,014.00 Implementation January 02, 2023