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Empréstimos de política (PBLs)
Empréstimos de política (PBLs)
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Investment Lending Policy Based Lending Special Development Lending Guarantees

Esses empréstimos oferecem apoio flexível para reformas institucionais e de políticas no plano setorial ou sub-setorial, por meio de desembolso rápido de recursos. Por solicitação do mutuário, um empréstimo para ajuste setorial pode incluir um componente de investimento, tornando-se um empréstimo híbrido.

Close-up of hands holding a piece of paper Multi-Tranche Policy-based Loans

These loans are disbursed in several tranches, when the policy conditions linked to each tranche are completed and verified. Multi-tranche PBLs require that all the policy/institutional reforms necessary to achieve a program’s objective be defined before the project is approved. Ideally, there is very little uncertainty regarding the policy/institutional reforms and their sequencing to achieve the program's objectives.

A group of men sitting around a table. Institutional Strengthening - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Programmatic Policy-based Loans

These loans support a framework of reforms/institutional changes to be executed in phases. Funds are disbursed in a series of single tranches over the medium term (three to five years). There are specified triggers for moving from one operation to the next.

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The deferred draw-down option can be used with both multi-tranche and programmatic PBLs. It permits PBL resources to be drawn down over a period of three years after the borrower complies with the agreed-upon policy conditions. This gives borrowers flexibility by providing the resources in the amounts, and at the time, that meet their needs most effectively. The draw-down period can be extended for an additional three years. During the draw-down period, the borrower must maintain policy conditions and sustainable macroeconomic policies.

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